Mildred SIMANTOV & Nils THORNANDER are pleased to present 

Rebecca Dolinsky / I phone


invited by Dore Ashton et Michael Brenson - New-York // DAAD de Berlin // Angel Orensanz Foundation de New-York "Delivering the Mail: for Jacques Derrida" // Infozone "je possede LE LOUVRE" // Paris Underground Film Festival & Strip Film Festival "Venus in Fur" et "The Desiring Machines" /// Finn Again Begin Again, Collection Leo J. M. Koenders at The State Archives of Ludwigsburg, Germany /// CURE in collaboration with Mac/Val, curated by F2.

PUBLICATIONS Revue "Vacarme", livre "Please Louise" publié chez Sanzo Kuhnam, Carnet de CURE de F2.

TEACHING "Eat Your Dasein" a L'Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon

PERFORMANCES Magnetic Laboratorium - Paris - New York /// QQQOC - galerie LA B.A.N.K 2010 

Let's Play Telephone Call Rebecca Dolinsky to leave a message : Hold the line, Hang up or Hung up,... Rebecca Dolinsky is a New York artist who lives in Paris. At THE NICE INSTITUTION, she will answer your calls by painting a series of telephones.

Let's Play Telephone Appellez Rebecca Dolinsky pour indiquer le message que vous souhaitez : Hold the line, Hang up or Hung up, ... Pour THE NICE INSTITUTION, elle répondra à vos appels en peignant une série de téléphones.